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Constantine Legacy

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Constantine LegacyA British Government cabinet minister in London, who is being blackmailed.

The blackmailer with a grudge against him, in Dorset: An American drug trafficker, on Dorset's exclusive Sandbanks Peninsular. A multi-millionaire businessman, inextricably interwoven with them both, who was once a KGB spy, and is now the keeper of the Constantine List. Jake Dillon is the capricious, gritty, former Army Intelligence officer.

Sent by his masters in London to the Dorset coast. His team are told that he's there, to investigate the mysterious sinking of the cabinet minister's luxury power cruiser, the Gin Fizz. And to retrieve valuable and potentially incriminating items from the safe on board. But, within days of Dillon arriving, a sinister succession of events takes place.

This curious tale of; scuba-diving, blackmail, murder and greed, moves effortlessly around the European chessboard. Reaching out to the Highlands of Scotland, the Balearic Island of Mallorca, and the mysterious city of Marrakech.

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Constantine Legacy, The


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