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Let's Make... Perfect Cupcakes (Beginners Class)


Let's Make... Perfect Cupcakes (Beginners Class)
Let's Make... Perfect Cupcakes (Beginners Class)
Sunday 29 April 2012, 10:30 h - 16:30 h
Let's Make Cupcakes - Bournemouth
Arts and Crafts


Let's Make... Perfect Cupcakes is a one-day class which covers everything involved in making incredible cupcakes. This unique class covers both baking and decorating, making it an ideal class for absolute beginners. We also encourage budding decorators to attend, to build on your existing skills and get answers to your burning cupcake questions.

Although those with some experience are very welcome, we do not expect you to have any knowledge of baking and decorating. Mistakes will happen, which is why we’re here – we’ll show you how to fix problems, and avoid them in future.

You'll learn to make a variety of edible decorations completely from scratch - we don't use moulds or pre-made decorations like some other classes. Instead, we use cutters and tools to teach you invaluable techniques you'll use again and again!

The day includes:


- We’ll teach you a fantastic, versatile and easy cupcake recipe

- The professional way to fill your cases, to ensure flawless cupcakes

- Advice on the baking process

- The professional baker’s secret to moist cupcakes that last longer

Beautiful edible decorations:

- Working with edible materials: learn about sugarpaste, modeling paste and flower paste – which to use, how to colour them, and much more

- Learn about the essential sugarcraft tools – when and why to use them, and how to use them to turn simple cakes and decorations into something truly special

- Making a variety of beautiful edible decorations: we’ll teach you our technique for creating simple but life-like roses, and introduce you to great cutters and other equipment to make daisies, lilies, roses, blossoms, glittery hearts and butterflies


- Learn a foolproof recipe for perfect buttercream

- Three different piping effects: the big swirl, the rosette and the grass top

- Learn to create two-tone swirls for truly impressive cupcakes
- Learn to put your cupcakes and decorations together for the best effect

A delicious lunch and refreshments throughout the day are included in the price, as are all equipment, ingredients and materials.

We believe that learning to save money is one of the most important lessons a budding cake decorator can learn – sugarcraft can be a very expensive business, so we’ll explain which tools you really need, and how to save the most money whilst achieving the same effects.

As we assemble our cakes, we’ll have a Q&A session, where you can ask any cupcake questions, as well as ask for further tips on anything we’ve covered during the day. At the end of the day, it’s time to pack your creations into the beautiful handbag box provided, and take them home to amaze your family and friends.


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Let's Make Cupcakes is Bournemouth's exciting new cupcake school. Our fun, one-day class is cupcake baking and decorating cater to all skill levels - whether you are a complete beginner or want to further your skills and start your own business, we have a class for you.